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The Dilophosaurus, finding its origins from the classic movie Jurassic Park 1, is a sexually vengeful technique where a girl takes a load in her mouth and proceeds to spit it into the guy's eyes, temporarily blinding him.

A more advanced technique is The Reverse Dilophosaurus, where the man gets snowballed and then spits it back into the girl's eyes.

Both techniques can open up combos, such as the classic Dilophosaurus->Strawberry Shortcake->Chewbacca. Try to see how many unique combo chains you can create!
Adam: Ohh I'm about to go!
Eve: Here, in my mouth.
Adam: Ahhooohhh!
Eve stands up and spits it in Adam's eyes.
Adam: Fuck Shit! You bitch that fuckin' burns! I can't fuckin' see! Did you just Dilophosaurus me?
by Phew Carboskel July 19, 2010
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Right before a guy is about to cum, he spreads his sack out wide with both hands and then blasts his "venom" in/on the girl's eyes, temporarily blinding her.
Why was she so mad at you yesterday?

I gave her a dilophosaurus.
by HarmfulFX January 25, 2010
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