Gothic music is nothing without the cure.... plus sisters of mercy, siouxsie & the banshees, bauhaus, joy division, the creatures, the dammed, echo & the bunnymen, velvet underground, 70's bowie.....
by docs April 24, 2006
Yes: Razed in Black, Fear Cult, Sisters of Mercy, EBM music, Neo-Folk music, Diary of Dreams, Death in June, L'ame Immortale, Christian Death, Unheilig, E Nomine, Cradle of FIlth, The Kovenant, Nosferatu, The 69 Eyes.

NO: KoRn, Tool, SlipKnot, Staind, Limp Bizkit, Trapt, Nu-Metal, Deftones, Good Charolette, Sum 41, Nu-Punk Rawk, Avril Lavigne, The Darkness, Evanescence, 80's hair metal, MetallicA, Insance Clown Possee, Kid rock, Rap Metal, Rap music as a whole.
Motherfucker, never ever let me hear you say that ICP is gothic music.
Stop refering to Mtv SHIT as gothic music.
Fuck the influx of so called "goths" in the music world.
by Daniel Starkey January 4, 2004