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A young person (usually between the ages of 12-17) who thinks they are goth, but they really have no idea what the Gothic Subculture is about. Symptoms of a "wannabe goth" usually include: way too much eyeliner, too much ugly black lipstick, a wardrobe consisting of all black clothes, stupid looking chains and/or spike collars, and a CD collection consisting mostly of Marilyn Manson, Korn, NIN, Orgy, and the like. If you are a parent and you fear that your child is a wannabe goth, have no fear, this is just a passing phase. Once your child's friends decide that it's no longer "cool" to be goth, or when they feel they have adequately pissed you off, they'll get over it.
My friends and I loath the wannabe goths at school who listen to horrible metal music and talk about suicide all day.
by ~*Kassandra*~ December 21, 2004
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“Where did you go after we left the pub?”
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A kid or teenager who tries to be a goth, but gets the wrong end of the stick. Usually seems to think it revolves around metal, Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, and other similar bands, wearing as much make-up as possible and hating your parents.

Google the quotes below for full interview:

"I listen to Marilyn Manson, Slipknot, Green Day, Good Charlotte and other sorts of punk metal or gothic rock.
I like to do magic spells and to look at runes books.
I wear black lipstick and black nail vanish and I also wear black eyeliner" - Shadow Mercy

"Near the end of year 7 I went to a school disco and I was completely gothic. It was so funny because I got a lot of attention." - Misery Whispers

"After a while I saw a few Goths in a group outside McDonalds I thought that they looked really cool.
After a while I decided to try and dress like it and soon I was dressed like it all the time. It was great to be able to express my feelings through the way I dressed." - Lord Mercy
"she thinks she's so original, but she's just a wannabe goth"
by Zoggi June 07, 2006
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An overprivileged, but ungrateful adolescent who responds to his boredom by dressing up like a vampire.
What a wannabe goth.
by ringgoddess October 11, 2005
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one whom believes that black eyeliner and Marilyn Manson CDs are central to being "goth"
"Ewww, she's got so much eyeliner on... what a wannabe goth!"
by Andi at Cirrutopia September 02, 2006
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someone who wants to be goth but isn't
'x' (not his real name) loves blink 182 and good charlotte, as well as new found glory and eminem. he wears a tonne of shit on his arms to school and a spiked choker on his neck. he is constantly telling evry1 how coll goths are. he wants to be a goth and is fooling no-one, but he doesnt realise it.... whereas me, i just have longish hair and like metallica and machine head so to most chavs at school I am a goth... hahahaha. even the chavs know x aint a goth... hahaha.
by MC Carter October 20, 2004
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A person who wants to be a goth but isnt.
That kid is a wannabegoth because he wears black all the time but just isnt a goth (pat Walsh)
by Mitchell Comeau (Ruger) April 05, 2003
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