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the rational or irrational fear that somewhere, somehow a duck is watching you
due to my anatitaphobia, i shit my pants within 20 feet of any lake.
by Reverend Sexy August 28, 2004
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retards, who live at the mall, and wear black, thinking that makes them Hardcore. They listen to Slipknot and swear by corey taylors poor attempts at true lyrical ecstasy. They wear the clothing of otherwise respectable bands, causiung those who actually enjoy the music of said bands, want to puke. They tend to say things that praise their own pitiful deaths yet, when faced with true death they shit themselves and begin to wimper "please don't kill me, i want to live!" They creat many misconceptions about real goths and in actuality most of them are just metal heads, with no lives.
i enjoy the company of my friend brian, despite the fact that he is kind of a mallgoth.
by Reverend Sexy September 6, 2004
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another kickass local band out of AZ. Not as heavy as Rising Conviction but still fucking kickass. Great lyrics, and vocals backed by awesome music. 28 Pills, Greenlight, Used, and The Thrill of Giving Up, are 3 great tracks from this highly skilled, and highly revered local band. Their album "Burn the Moon" is in productuion and should be done soon.
On october 2, there is gonna be a kickass show with Nila and Rising Conviction.
by Reverend Sexy September 6, 2004
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an atmospheric metal band from AZ that has yet to write a full song, or even get all the members needed.
I am the vocalist of Requiem of the Soul
by Reverend Sexy September 6, 2004
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An Amazing local band out of AZ. They're demo is 3 songs of musical bliss, the tracks Shudder, and Skin, make you want to jump around no matter where you are. They're live performances are absolutely amazing, and even orgasmic.
Rising Conviction is one of, if not the, greatest band to come out of AZ
by Reverend Sexy September 6, 2004
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