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A type of rave music. Makina is like Spannish Happyhardcore which is still being made. Usually very cheesey and fast music with a 4/4 bassdrum and fast synth sounds.
by mike March 03, 2005
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The most amazing person you will ever meet. She makes friends easily and is very strong. She loves her music and family. She is one of the sexiest people you will ever meet. Her hair is beautiful and her eyes are match her soul. When you hurt her she will never forget it. She woops ass and loves her friends. She is intelligent, amazing, and hard to let go.
Hey Makina how's your day. Makina/leave me alone.
by Sleeps all day June 16, 2017
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Arabic slang for a gay man who takes the passive role, also known as a bottom
He is such a makina.
by Rozi September 28, 2006
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