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Originating from Spain, A style of EDM with 4/4 hard kickdrums and great melodies normally 175-190 BPM, frequently played with speeded up hardstyle which are called bases, meant to be played mixed with a track with a melody, for example a Sigma EP record would be played at 45 RPM instead of 33
Clubs around Cataluña such as Xque, ACTIVA, Desk, and Pont Aeri played only this style sometimes playing Hardcore
Makina music is the best
by Aptolpraidolweeds December 12, 2020
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A word you scream while you're high as fuck while doing that hand thing similar to what steve from blues clues does
by Aptolpraidolweeds December 08, 2020
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To describe having friends over and they're all stoned as fuck and doing dumb but funny shit
Ok bro stop splamining your spleeds
by Aptolpraidolweeds December 09, 2020
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A term referring to one cop or multiple cops
“Yo sussy balls are here, everybody dip into that field!!”
“Hey man are sussy balls gone yet?”
“Hey sussy balls is here to talk to you”
by Aptolpraidolweeds July 11, 2021
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A word to describe someone who smokes poop.
"did you know he smoked poop last night?"
"Yeah! He's such an amber hazel"
by Aptolpraidolweeds December 08, 2020
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The term for weed everyone's mom says
guys mom: WHY U SMOKING POT?!?!?!?
guy: it's called weed you fucking karen
by Aptolpraidolweeds December 08, 2020
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