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A case that is so big it has an entire police force working on it.
The Washington Sniper case was a red ball for the DC Metro Police.
by Amazing AO October 05, 2005
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Dejagoo is the strange feeling that you've been in this sticky situation before. It is dejavu due to goo. Usual symptoms are shivers down once's spine followed by disgust, especially if actual goo is involved.
Dude I like just like stepped in doggy doodoo. And i was like, oh dude this feels familiar. Then I remembered that I like stepped in pup poo like last weekend too. Surreal man, it was like total dejagoo.
by Hukra March 14, 2009
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A skit on the popular Chapelle's show

"Cocane in a can, baby!"
"Red Balls! It gives you wings!"

Allows drug heads to do amazing things, such as run through brick walls or picking up a city bus to reach for a dime.
"MAYDAY! MAYDAY! A crackhead is lifting the bus! must be red balls!"
by U-diddy November 18, 2004
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1. Cocaine in a can as seen on Chappelle's Show.

2. Red Bull + Bawls. A great combonation loaded with caffeine.
1. Red Balls Got Me!

2. Man I drank some Red Balls/Bawls and I couldn't fall asleep until 7a.m.
by Rezuke February 25, 2005
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Occurs when your girl smacks the goofy out of you sack.
Person 1: Yo, did your girl blueball you last night?
Person 2: No, worse. She hit me with the redballs and slapped the mess outta me.
by GnugGnug June 11, 2018
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When senior management throwing large number of resources and funds to resolve a sensitive issue. Often seen in conjunction with vague orders from management to "just fix it." Widely used in the works by author David Simon in his dealings with the Baltimore Homicide unit.
When a tourist is murdered in Baltimore, it's a "redball" case for Homicide
by hepcat610 September 02, 2009
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