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The bane of the elite, mainstream media (mostly musical) receives constant abuse from many listeners of underground/unsigned bands/musicians.

A band is often labled mainstream when it attempts to appeal to a wider audience, such as when Slipknot released 'The Subliminal Versus', or Cradle of Filth's more recent releases.

Of course the most topical band on this subject at the moment is Green Day. After releasing 'American Idiot', the elitist hoards (as opposed to the pop-culture masses) cried out curses of 'Selling Out'.

Unfortunatly this will never end, because there must always be an underdog, and elitism is blessed cross to bear.

Although one must ask the question, out of the mainstream and the underground, which is the oppressor, and which is the oppressed...
Brian was a big Green Day fan, and would wash his corn flakes down with Longview every morning.

One day he turned on the radio and a song came on called American Idiot, and he quite liked it. He was humming it as he walked to school before realising that eveyone else was as well.

My God, his favourite band had become popular! It was no longer his alone, it belonged to the unwashed hoards now!

Falling to his knees, tearing his Basket Case t-shirt and looking up into the downpour of rain, he declaired unto the Heavens, "I HAVE NO SON!" before realising that he really did have no son and was actually pissed about his band's success.

People say that if you hang around in the bushes outside of Brian's house at night, you can still hear the faint tones of When I Come Around over his weeping.
by Nedia July 06, 2005
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A criminally overlooked game that sold well only because of the MGS2 demo that came with it. After MGS2 was released in stores, pre-owned shelves were filled with this mecha-masterpiece. Dammit Kojima, STOP BEING SO FUCKING AWESOME.
Paraphrasing Tycho of Penny Arcade: "The Metal Gear Solid demo hits stores on (day), and comes with another game, which I thought was really nice of Konami."

Zone of the Enders is also an anime series that I don't know enough about to comment on.
by Nedia January 09, 2006
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The third song on Cradle Of Filth's Nymphetamine album. It succeded in making terroism sound good! No doubt this will soon become one of the govenments 'hot' records.
Tonight is the night...
The empowering wind that draws breath from despise,
Roars in my wings as I soar with the end in sight.
by Nedia March 21, 2005
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Was once the leading character in the greatest gaming series of all time, but has now become nothing more than a cross-platform whore.
Be honest: The original Megadrive masterpieces or the steaming hunks-of-shit that are the new games?
by Nedia March 18, 2005
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