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an urban legend that holds that if you have vaginal or anal sex with a woman (or anal sex with a man) and punch him/her in the back of the head, it will somehow cause the vaginal/anal muscles to contract. this is medically impossible, but widely circulated among 12 year old boys and those that share their general level of maturity and/or a chauvanist animosity towards women. the only garanteed result of a donkey punch is an immediate end to your sex life and/or getting your ass kicked physically or in court.
"when you break up with your girlfriend, you should give her a donkey punch!"
by hels bels July 19, 2006

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1. the most important
2. a favorite girlfriend or boyfriend
3. a best friend, usually a dude, as in "my main man".
4. ebonics for "man"
5. main vein, the vein used to inject heroin, see also main lining
1. "if you're going to snort it, you might as well pop it, and if you're going to shoot it, you might as well main it" (from basketball diaries by jim carroll)
2. "that's my main girl"
by hels bels July 19, 2006

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1. a good quality marijuana pipe
2. a refreshing and nourishing bowl of soup
1. "i cant beleive you dropped that piece on concrete and it didnt crack! that's one hearty bowl!"
2. gramma always made a hearty bowl of chicken soup when we were sick
by hels bels July 19, 2006

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1920s slang, a fancy way of saying "two days ago"
"a strange broad walked into my office- as strange broads sometimes do. i had seen her before- deuce of nods on the back seat, in O'Ryan's speakeasy."
by hels bels July 19, 2006

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first coined by leslie feinberg, a person who fights for the rights of transgendered people, and/or works to change and challenge contemporary social views about gender.
the stonewall rebellion was ignited by a group of drag queen transwarriors.
by hels bels July 19, 2006

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