Phonetic spelling of "my." Also spelled ma or muh. Mah is a better spelling when it has emphasis in the sentence, or when spoken with a drawl.
Mah old man beat mah ass good.
by vanilla g-lotto December 17, 2004
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Usage: to be mah'd : the act of reciving delegated work from a co-worker after cleaning off your plate.
I was gonna go to the bar at 4:15, but I got mah'd at 3:50. I'll be here all night
by Rich & Da Team June 22, 2007
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Somthing you say when there is nothing else to talk about. Its fun to say when a teacher is yelling at you ; or parent.
Kendal: Love you.
Dave: Love you to.
Kendal: Mah.
Dave: Oh, mah to you to.

Teacher: Get out!
Kendal: MAHHHH!
Teacher: ...........(What the hell?!)
by DudeWheresYourPants! March 03, 2011
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Used in replace of man because it's cooler.
Instead of "aight man, i got you"
You say "aight mah, i got you"
by B Dick April 02, 2008
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Term often used by Italians.
The ideal word to begin any sentence when you want to express your nonchalant attitude towards a particular subject.
Me,Imma gonna get some get some ice cream. Stef, you want some too...what color you want?

Stefano: Mah, who knows...get me yellow flavor.
by The Urban Italian May 31, 2005
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Mah is a word generally used only in convorsation to imply something that makes you feel an emotion that is not good. It can be a noun, verb, adjective, you name it. Usually a simple "mad" or "sad" or anything else is simply not enough to impress those bums who like odd words. Thus the use of MAH! It is ALSO a secret code that can stand for Mad At Hector that can be useful when you are in a chat room...
I can't stand horror movies they make me all MAH!
God hector pisses me off MAH!
We lost our watermellon spitting contest, i feel mah.
by Flappy December 18, 2004
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M stands for magnificent
A stands for Adorable
H stands for Hot
Theses words also stand for a group of girls known as: Maryama, Amira,Hana.
It describes who they are together. Inseparable is one of them.They are the best bestie's for life group. Your gonna wish you had a friendship like them.....MAH!
Girl 1: I wish we were like them!
Girl 2:me too!
Girl 3: they're just so ......MAH!!!!
by NiallEthanGrayson December 02, 2016
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