A large tangled mess of wires
Oh great you’ve created a Putnam
by Happy electron May 10, 2019
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An annoying kid usually found in the back of an English class. He exists primarily to "attempt" to make friends and give EVERYONE he sees gum. This may not always be the case, but most Putnam's are so. Putnam's usually wear expensive clothing and can usually found browsing Hollister, or American Eagle for the newest "trend" for them to set, yet no one really even likes it on him, because yes, he is a Putnam. Putnam's preferably have EXCRUCIATINGLY high pitched voices that can't be heard by the human ear. A translator is usually summoned when a Putnam is talking to the surrounding classmates. Therefore being a Putnam is NOT a desirable trait, and is commonly avoided.
Man that guy back there seems a bit like a Putnam...What is he even SAYING?!?!
by SoItSeems January 31, 2009
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One of the best dubstep//liquid drum n' bass DJs on the UK scene.

Any guy that gets hugely dark on all drugs.

A cunt.
Yo bled, you see Putnam last night ye? He was fucked!

Nah man, he's a cunt.

Ye, but sik tho.

by Wobblemytiittes March 31, 2011
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An HTML code that shows some funny guy's face on facebook chat. It is believed to be the last name of Facebook's programmer.
You have to enter the code on face book chat to see it.

Cool Guy: He look at this :putnam:
by Baron S. July 1, 2009
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you might think hes just the weird ass smiley face on facebook, but hes actually taking over the world, and is probably going to kick your ass... with the robots, dont fall asleep tonight
hahaha omg i never even knew about this little putnam thing! thats hilarious

no its not, if you honestly think that sad excuse for a smiley face is funny, then i would consider going to the loopy house, or shutting up + dying

omg... i never realized-

nobody ever does....
by P.J. Higgins II March 3, 2009
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If you type this in on a facebook chat it makes a blurred emoticon of a man's face. This is said to be the face of Ian Hecox (smosh).
Paul: Hey look at this. If you type :putnam: in a facebook chat it makes this face.
by SgtFarmfresh July 13, 2011
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putnamitis- an infectious "disease" spread by members of the facebook community, caused by typing :putnam: to a facebook friend and thereby making him/her want to type :putnam: to someone else.
Put:ftw,My girlfriend infected me with putnamitis earlier :putnam: :putnam:

Nam:Damn tht sux... shit I :putnam: HAVE IT NOW!!AAHH!!!! :putnam: :putnam: :putnam:
by th3s0n0fth3s0n0fth3s0n April 6, 2009
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