A token black guy in films who fills the stereotype of being impossibly old, wise and sometimes able to actually perform magic. Usually the magical negro is there to give guidance to the main white hero, which may explain why the magical negro stereotype is most popular in movies geared toward a white audience.

Some examples of recent popular negros are:
Chef from South Park, Morgan Freeman, Oracle from the Matrix and Barack Obama.

Some non- black magical negros:
Mr. Miyagi, Jackie Chan, Pai Mei
Hero: Oh no! I have to defeat my enemy and save the world from certain destruction!

Abraham: don' worry chile, im a wise ole sage heeuh tah help ya through alla yo struggles.

Hero: Thank you magical negro, I suddenly feel a lot better. See you at the end of the movie! (walks off to begin quest)

Abraham: crazy chile' (smiles and shakes head reminescing, then disappears in a cloud of smoke)
by Magicalnegro August 12, 2011
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A movie cliché in which a black man with apparently supernatural powers mysteriously appears, helps the white man in trouble get through his problems for no reward, and then cheerfully leaves the story altogether.
Legend of Bagger Vance.
The Green Mile.
The Matrix.
Bruce Almighty.
by Joseph Anchorhead December 13, 2003
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The welterweight champion. Better than the Juggernaut. Master of all things Serious Fucking Business.™ There's one for every generation.
by The Magical Negro October 20, 2006
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1. Reference to Barack Obama's ability to fix everything with fluffy words alone. Since he can imitate a good speaker with help of a teleprompter ignorant obamabots believe he can fix everything. He should be able to balance a budget, get free health care for deadbeats while not hurting the economy, zero unemployment and almost free solar/wind powered energy everywhere even though the science is not close to where he claims or affordable.

With his magic he was also going to make friends with misunderstood thug leaders in place like Iran, North Korea, Venezuela and Cuba. Turned out they were bad and they don't like him despite being a non-white guy. They laughed and mocked him just as they did those he Succeeded.

2. Abundant in recent advertising showing smart black people helping dumb whites out with things you know damn well they are capable of figuring out.
This magic negro Barack said we can have free health care. Now he just has to find a few Trillion dollars he does not have to pay for it.

Thanks to magic negros in commercials I know to save for my kids college, buy auto insurance and take Aleve for pain. White people never knew this!
by eldridge cleaver January 1, 2012
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U.S. Democrat presidential candidate Barak Obama who is partly African-American and has virtually no career history in politics. White voters like him because he is non-threatening and supporting an African-American for president assuages guilt over slavery, segregation and other racist policies of the past. Black civil-rights activists claim he isn't "black enough."
"Barak the Magic Negro lives in D.C.
the L.A. Times called him that
'cause he's black but not authentically..."
by word_g33k March 21, 2007
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Dat magic negro kicked tha white agents ass foo!
by Viktor December 10, 2003
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A male or female of African-American heritage that appears in a movie, story, or play, often with some sort of magical, sage powers, strictly for the purpose of providing such wisdom to the white hero, for no apparent reason, but just when he or she needs it the most. They often then immediately depart from the story altogether.

The Magic Negro has no life of his or her own, but seems to see all, know all, and divine all, due to their humble roots and avoidance of the racist white power structure that our hero-of-European-heritage so nobly rebels against. Typically appearing in 19th century- or early-20th century period pieces, the Magic Negro has more recently been seen dispensing his or her powers from within the existing white establishment, as with the character of Morpheus in "The Matrix."

Not to be confused with Barack Obama, who had a lengthy career as a lawyer and state senator which was often overlooked by many American conservatives, eager to pass him off with a dismissive stereotype, despite the fact that upon assuming the Presidency in 2009, had more government and legal experience than George W. Bush did in 2001.

See also, Magical Negro.
John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) in "The Green Mile," Bagger Vance (Will Smith) in "The Legend of Bagger Vance," and Cash (Don Cheadle) in "The Family Man" are all textbook examples of the Magic Negro.
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