A man who has settled down from an otherwise adventurous lifestyle and started a family. The ultimate destiny of anyone who fights, and subsequently loses to, Guile from the Street Fighter franchise. Family men are known to be overly patriotic due to getting their butts kicked by a man with a tattoo of the American flag on each bicep. Family men are not necessarily male; a small number of females have been known to become family men after facing Guile in combat.
"Go home and be a family man."
--Guile, standing over the broken body of his previous opponent.
by imtheonlysane1here October 31, 2010
a man who has a wife and children, or who enjoys spending a lot of time with them
He is an honest family man who will not give up this fight.
by ... Zjdbckdnznsjd September 1, 2019
A man who goes all in for his homies, doesn't have hoes, likes to stay lowkey, and is a breadwinner.
by Cannondaguy September 26, 2019
1.Slang; a gay man (70's slang)

2.Movie; starring Nick Cage (gay?)
1.In a bar, the cop from the Village Pople walks up and asks if you're a family man.
2.(rent the movie)
by Obi-Wan December 9, 2003
When a married man with kids has no privacy in his own home, he resorts to masturbating in his employers bathroom after he relieves his bowls, resembling a brown hotdog with a white condiment.
Damnit Tucker! If you’re gonna drop a ‘Family Man’s Glizzy’ in the bathroom you gotta flush afterwards!”
by Onion_Man September 15, 2020
A phrase originally coined by Guile from the Street Fighter video game franchise, it was his tag line after defeating an opponent. Over the years, it has come to be used also when referring to someone who is past their prime at whatever it is that they should do.
Steven: "Hey, did you watch TNA Impact last week?"
Michael: "Yeah, I can't believe they had Ric Flair's 60-year-old ass wrestling again. He's way past his prime He should go home and be a family man."
by Thu Kang-A-Lang January 24, 2011
Snortingly-sarcastic term for a shyster's/villain's huffily acting like he's a conscientious peaceable virtuous caring-about-fellow-humans person who shouldn't be suspected or criticized, when of course in reality he's just a self-centered a**h**e who's totally undeserving of any praise or respect.
A prime example of someone's deciding to use this shameless tactic would be in "The Untouchables" with Kevin Costner --- when Elliot Ness angrily confronts Al Capone on the stairway and accuses him of murdering people and otherwise being a horrid crook, Capone indignantly lashes out right back at Ness for his "talking that way in front of Capone's son"... Ness's feelings would therefore be something like, Capone decided to go all "family man" on me --- how infuriatingly disgusting!
by QuacksO November 7, 2019