A basketball legend who revolutionized the game, but who's career was cut short when he contracted HIV. For a basketball player's game to be compared to Magic Johnson is a high honor.
Oh, snap! Did you see homeboy pull off that no-look behind-the-back pass? That kid's the next Magic Johnson!
by D.L. Crosse January 19, 2007
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magic johnson's are a pair of 32 in. rims. like his number in the NBA.
"Oh shit nigga, those some big ass rims."
"Damn straight, those some magic johnson's right there."
by pimpshit May 5, 2006
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It's when your fucking a bitch doggy style and during the act you whisper in her ear "I have AIDS" and see if you can hang on for the shot clock!!!
It was so funny I pulled the Magic Johnson on that bitch and she cried!!! LMAO
by Matty Punani March 4, 2010
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To get rid of something.

Magic Johnson retired from the NBA after testing positive for HIV. Now, after several thousands of dollars spent on treatments there is not a trace of the virus in his body. So, he literally got rid of it.
Hey, man...the cops are coming, we need to do something about that weed. You should Magic Johnson that shit.

Guy #1: Hey man, what happened to that girl, Gina?
Guy #2: Ah dawg...I Magic Johnsoned that shit two weeks ago. Damn! Where you been?
by chaseburgala June 6, 2009
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A sexual act in which a person gives his or her partner AIDS
She spent the night and i totatly pulled The Magic Johnson on her sorry ass
by Robert Krebs May 24, 2005
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