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Slang term used originally to describe a sexually attractive woman. Originally coined by rapper Kool Moe Dee in his 1987 track "Go See the Doctor" (Source: Oxford Historical Dictionary of American Slang). In the hip-hop community, the term originally was only applied to females, and still does to this day, but the term was later adopted by white American teens to describe both attractive young males and females.
"Pump it, hottie. Pump it, pump it hottie."

- Redhead Kingpin from Redhead Kingpin and the FBI's 1989 rap song "Pump It Hottie", about ladies doing their thing on the dancefloor.
by D.L. Crosse January 22, 2007
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A basketball legend who revolutionized the game, but who's career was cut short when he contracted HIV. For a basketball player's game to be compared to Magic Johnson is a high honor.
Oh, snap! Did you see homeboy pull off that no-look behind-the-back pass? That kid's the next Magic Johnson!
by D.L. Crosse January 19, 2007
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In South-Central Los Angeles, wearing Los Angeles Lakers clothing and gear is generally considered gang-neutral. While wearing Lakers clothing won't necessarily guarantee your safety, it does make a statement to gang members that you're not looking for trouble.
Wearing Lakers gear in South-Central will buy you a little safety, but it is not guaranteed.

Red (Bloods) + Blue (Crips) = Purple (Lakers color)
by D.L. Crosse March 4, 2007
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A bro hoe who has a kid(s). Easy to spot at places like the mall, supermarket, etc. with child in tow, usually wearing outfits like velour track suits, or short shirts that expose their tramp stamp.
Jenny was dating that bro Kyle and she got pregnant. Now she's gonna' end up a bro mama.
by D.L. Crosse January 10, 2007
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A nickname given by U.S. soldiers to enemy Somali militia fighters during Operation Restore Hope (1992-1993). They were called slimmys because the Somali fighters were relatively thin compared to the Americans.
There's a slimmy at 2 o'clock with an RPG. Take him out!
by D.L. Crosse August 10, 2007
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1. The first haircut a new recruit receives upon joining the military.

2. The electric buzz clippers used to deliver said haircut.
1. Say goodbye to your long hair, son. You're in the Army now - time for your Emo Eliminator.

2. The Army barber whipped out the Emo Eliminator and went to work on the fresh recruits.
by D.L. Crosse April 13, 2007
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1) Literally, one who fucks skulls.

2) In more recent usage, lame ass trendsters who have hopped on the latest trend of wearing clothing with skull and skeleton motifs. They range from the 98 pound emo dude who sits behind you in math class, to "hip-pop" superstars like Diddy and Souja Boy. What they all have in common is un-originality. Skull and skeleton motifs on clothing were originally a staple of skater/hardcore/punk circles, and even gangsta rap as evidenced by Ice Cube in his classic 1992 video "Wicked". But then the "Pirates of the Carribbean" movies came out and suddenly "skulls were cool" and everyone and their momma were wearing clothing with skulls and skeletons on them. The truth is they are all part of the sheepherd jumping on a trend and only show how mindless and unoriginal they are. When you see R&B boytoys, hip-poppers, 14 year old girls, scenesters, wannabe pirates, bros, and rebel wannabes, etc. all following the same trend, you know this fad is just about over.
1) Watch out for that skullfucker or you'll wake up missing an eyeball.

2) Billy though he was hip and trendy in his skeleton ribcage hooded sweatshirt, but all he proved was that he was just another mindless skullfucker with no originality.
by D.L. Crosse March 28, 2008
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