14 definitions by D.L. Crosse

1. The first haircut a new recruit receives upon joining the military.

2. The electric buzz clippers used to deliver said haircut.
1. Say goodbye to your long hair, son. You're in the Army now - time for your Emo Eliminator.

2. The Army barber whipped out the Emo Eliminator and went to work on the fresh recruits.
by D.L. Crosse April 13, 2007
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A basketball legend who revolutionized the game, but who's career was cut short when he contracted HIV. For a basketball player's game to be compared to Magic Johnson is a high honor.
Oh, snap! Did you see homeboy pull off that no-look behind-the-back pass? That kid's the next Magic Johnson!
by D.L. Crosse January 19, 2007
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In South-Central Los Angeles, wearing Los Angeles Lakers clothing and gear is generally considered gang-neutral. While wearing Lakers clothing won't necessarily guarantee your safety, it does make a statement to gang members that you're not looking for trouble.
Wearing Lakers gear in South-Central will buy you a little safety, but it is not guaranteed.

Red (Bloods) + Blue (Crips) = Purple (Lakers color)
by D.L. Crosse March 4, 2007
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A racially insensitive party thrown by white college students "celebrating" Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Activities involve parodying every African-American stereotype possible. Costumes worn by partygoers include blackface, gang apparel, guns, carrying malt liquor, do-rags, fried chicken, gold teeth/grills, females stuffing the rear of their pants, even dressing as Aunt Jemima among others. Brought to national attention in early 2007 when pictures of these parties taken place at Tarleton State University, University of Connecticut School of Law, and Clemson University were discovered on the Facebook website and were later reported by The Smoking Gun website.
Frat Boy: "Hey bro! Wanna come to my MLK party? It's gonna be da bomb shizzle fo rizzle ma nizzle!!!"

Student: "Apparantly, your only source of exposure to black people is what you see on MTV."
by D.L. Crosse February 3, 2007
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1. In L.A. gang culture slang, a wannabe.

2. In sports, an athlete who excelled as an amateur(high school, college, etc.), but when they turned professional, failed to live up to the expectations.
1. "Your own barrio doesn't back you up, they just look at your ass and call you a poo butt."
- Kid Frost, "La Raza"

2. Adam was the bomb in college, but when he went to the NBA, he got straight dominated. What a poo butt.
by D.L. Crosse February 1, 2007
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An automotive enthusiast who believes in the philosophy that the bigger a car's engine, the better it is. Used in a perjorative fashion.
If you take 2 cars, one with a V-6 and one with a V-8, the stereotypical musclehead will always believe the car with the V-8 is better, even though the car with the V-6 may actually be faster for other reasons (lighter weight, higher displacement-to-horsepower ratio, turbos, superchargers, etc.), have better handling and response, etc.
by D.L. Crosse February 1, 2007
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A type of mid-life crisis where persons over the age of 18, but usually in their mid-20s to early-30s, start to freak out that they are aging and not getting any younger, so they compensate by wearing Hollister Co. clothing. Bear in mind that Hollister Co., by the company's own definition, sells apparel targeted to the 14 to 18 year old age demographic. So when you see that creepy 27 year old guy walking in the mall wearing a Hollister Co. t-shirt, try not to laugh too hard. He's just having a Hollister Life Crisis.
Mike had just turned 25 years old and started freaking out that he was no longer "young and hip" like the teenyboppers. He felt if he wore some clothing like the kind his 15 year old little brother wore, he could recapture some of his youth. So he went to Hollister Co. and bought some new outfits for himself. He thought he was cool, but most of the high school kids thought he was a creepy old dude trying to act young. He was having a Hollister Life Crisis.
by D.L. Crosse November 14, 2007
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