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Maddoxism is not a religion, as it is not comprised of myths, fairy tales, and legends. Maddoxism is real. The equivalent 'god' in Maddoxism is Maddox himself. Some facts about life that Maddoxism emphasizes:

- For every animal you don't eat, I'm going to eat three. (anti-vegeterianism)
- Women are inferior to men. (anti-Women's Rights and all that bs)
- Hippies, seniors, children, and generally people are inferior to God himself and should be killed in the name of Maddox. (pro-Maddox)
- Beef jerky and Maddox are generally the best things in the world.
I don't just believe in Maddoxism. I LIVE Maddoxism.
by MoneyisAwesome January 29, 2010
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