sam says:
- i don't like your shirt

david says:
by anonermouse June 23, 2010
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DWI is an acronym for 'Deal With It'. Primarily for use within text-based online chatting.
Student: I finished the homework!

Teacher: We're not accepting homework anymore. You're 10 minutes late.

Student: But I worked so hard on it! >:(

Teacher: DWI.
by ArchaicScholar November 17, 2011
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Friend 1: "Hey, do you want to go and jump off this dangerously high bridge with me?"

Friend 2: "Yea sure, im dwi"
by E-Sock July 8, 2021
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Guy 1-"DWI!!!! you got a DWI?!?"
Guy 2-"No no no, we were DWI... Drinking With Indians"
by rez runner 83 March 21, 2010
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'deal with it' shortened
Logan: DWI
Roman: driving while intoxicated!
Logan: no.. deal with it.
by remusisdead February 14, 2021
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calling people while drunk -- like an ex-bf or an ex-gf. dont do it! If you DWI you may have regrets the next day.
by pamrae June 9, 2009
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