the best dutch city in the world and home of one of the most epic dutch warlords
i've been in amsterdam but its nothing compared to maastricht
by ~fire~ July 11, 2009
In a few words: International university, Germany central, nerds central, dutch frat guys central, PBL method, bikes infested.
The only university capable of driving its students into nerds. Even the hopeless ones.

No matter where Maastricht Uni students have studied before/afterwards, UM will always remain the hardest one for them.
by mojito January 26, 2013
The Maastricht Sydrome descibes a lasting, location-dependent sexual low which is supposedly caused by external factors such as stress, work overload, lack of potential sex buddies or other turn-off forces linked to the environment. The Maastricht Sydrome is named after a town in Limburg in the Netherlands where it has been experienced by generations of students. Sexual frustration is generally associated with the Maastricht Syndrome.
I only started studying here 3 weeks ago and one can already detect first symptoms of the Maastricht Syndrome!

Don´t worry it´s not about you, it´s the Maastricht Syndrome. Try your luck somewhere else.

The good thing about the Maastricht Syndrome is that I don´t suffer from sexually tranmitted infections!
by gate crasher x October 23, 2011
Beautiful women who start living or studying in Maastricht (small dutch town) are affected by this phenomenon. BEcause of the shortage of men, they become desperate, they become attracted to unattracted/weird guys and give them un deserved attention. the following symptoms are often linked to the Maastricht Effect: freaking out over text messages, hitting laptops and screaming f**k you at the guy in question at the Vrijthof in the middle of the night.
by pandalover85 June 29, 2010
A phenomonen which affects attractive women who go to live/study in the small Dutch city of Maastricht. Out of desperation due to the complete shortage of men, they begin to pay attention to unattractive/odd men and give said men undeserved attention. Symptoms include ; hitting laptops, freaking out over text messages, and screaming F***k you Bob at vrithof in the small hours of the morning.
Oh my god...why is she even bothering with him , I mean she is WAY OUT OF HIS LEAUGE...

Maastricht effect man, gets the better of all of us.
by bobhater June 27, 2010
"Bro, I went to UWC Maastricht. It was a cool experience!"
by IcyClaw124 December 29, 2022
aka Bullshit University, located in Maastricht, The Netherlands, but infested by Germans. The only university where, even if you ace an exam, you can still fail the entire course because you skipped ONE lesson. At UM, life just plain sucks and weed, Ritalin and vodka are the only way to get through it all. UM attracts tons of international students (all thanks to some marketing bullshit), especially Germans who for some reason think it's some sort of European Harvard. Everyone in Maastricht is either a psychopath, a junkie or depressed. To add insult to injury, moving to Maastricht also causes you to get Maastricht Syndrome.
Not to mention that everyone who works at UM believes they're in the best uni on earth, even though UM actually ranks pretty bad among the 'good' uni's in Europe
"I skipped 2 out of 20 tutorials and now I have to do a 60 page essay course assignment within 3 days, otherwise I'll have to graduate a year later. Maastricht University is such a fucking nightmare."

"Goddammit, how come the Germans at Maastricht University always get such high grades while everyone else is struggling so much?? Oh wait I know! They're all psychopaths!"
"If you say Maastricht University backwards three times while looking into a mirror, you'll be exempted from all resits."
by godverdomme January 15, 2020