A censored way of saying masturbation. Often used by twitter accounts that don't want to be flagged or generally anyone uncomfortable with saying masturbation/masturbate.
I wanted to m word last night but my dog kept walking into my room.
by Confusedd November 17, 2020
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One way to say Micro-transactions. A micro-transaction is the process that happens when you buy an item in a multi-player game with real money. Many games now have micro-transactions and it pisses off players when they include pay-to-win items, or when the game is not free-to-play and has content locked behind micro-transactions. It's arguably the worst thing that happened to paid video games in the last few years.
The problem with Black Ops 4 isn't gameplay, it's the m word
by helper34546211 November 6, 2019
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Otherwise known as “The Scottish Play, the M word is never to be said in any theater under any circumstances. It is seen as extremely taboo among the thespian community, and is associated with whatever show is being produced failing or having some sort of tragedy in the cast.
Person A: “this show is so dumb, can’t we put on something cool... like Macbeth

Person B: “Bro, you can’t say the M word in a theater”
by Macintosh Beth October 11, 2019
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Thanks to a shity gaming company otherwise known as EA. The M-word is otherwise known as microtransactions. Other commonly used references are micro gambling.
EA: We need to punch loyal gamers in the dick, but how?
DICE: Please dont say the M-word..

DICE: Welp...
EA: The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishments for unlocking different Heroes.
Reddit: Nope!
by Order66microtransactions November 15, 2017
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One of the most dreaded words to hear for single, Australian men aspiring to hook up with a woman he's fancied for a while.

The first time she utters this word to him, tears his heart in half and every subsequent time only makes it hurt even more.

Its a subtle way of the woman rejecting him in a more informal way.

There can be no more harmful word spoken by a woman to the single, Australian bloke.

The word is 'MATE'.
Bazza: "Shazza, you keen for a coffee or a movie sometime?"
Shazza: "Sure, MATE. How about next weekend?"

Bazza goes to best mate the next day.

Daz: "So dude, did you ask out Shazza yet?"
Bazza: "Yeah man, but she dropped the 'M' word."
Daz: "Ouch, you got burnt bro haha!"
by The D.I. March 17, 2009
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The term used to pussy-foot around saying "masturbate" out of embarrassment.
Girl: Hey wanna skype me?
Guy: I can't. Give me 10 minutes.. I'm a little busy.
Girl: ..Doing what?
Guy: I'm doing the "m" word..
Girl: Can I watch?
Guy: Sure, but you have to m word, too.
by Jacyn Lyn October 20, 2011
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Melanin is the "M" word. Media outlets must have a "Melanin memo" somewhere telling them to never ever use the word melanin. #ABC #CBS #NBC #CNN #FOX #BBC #PBS #RT #ALJAZEERA all are in compliance.
"Broadcasters are to never use The M Word melanin. In referring to African people whether on the continent or in the diaspora the terms 'people of color' or 'black people' note lowercase b is the standard. "
by RBGMan June 23, 2018
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