1. not an acid substance, it is a base and you use it to clean your oven and shit
1. This lye formed table salt and water when I mixed it with hydrochloric acid.
by GhettoBallerina June 4, 2006
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A acid substance used for bombs and to make soap,it also hurts like hella when you put it on ur hand
tyler put lye on jacks hand and tyler wouldnt let jack clean it off untill he said so,then tyler put vinigar on it to smooth the pain
by cannibalzpam July 20, 2003
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Dust, devil dust, wet (consequently, dry)
sherm, wikkid, twist, bamma,
you got that lye?
man I couldnt pop off on the cat till i got my lye out, rolled up and twisted the fuck out. RIP.
by Smmeth May 17, 2008
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Lying online, particularly about a person's gender. First coined by Kaltorak of the Digital Paintball community.
Kaltorak: Dude, stop living the on-lye.
SarahAnn: Lol, I'm the real thing.
Kaltorak: Your real name is Sean.
by M.J. Tktkt September 5, 2007
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A god aka FTMSUPERCOOL the hottest bitch and will fuck you up
by FTMSUPERCOOL December 22, 2020
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Exactly the same as lies but spelt differently!
Me: "Its lies"
Bro: "Noh! *flaps arms majestically whilst holding their tongue out their mouth* It be lyes my Dude"
by I used my brain November 4, 2019
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