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A person who steals jokes and material from people on Twitter and tweets them as if they were their own, with no attribution, re-tweet, or credit given.

Can also be used as a verb, as in to "lurkey" someone's joke or material; see also, "lurkeyed".
Wow, that guy stole my joke without giving me credit or re-tweeting me! What a total lurkey!

You totally got lurkeyed by that girl!
by angryfatgeek January 21, 2010
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A Lurkey is the "encouraged" crossbreed of a llama and a turkey found chiefly in the North American Wilderness. It is not a very social creature, and is commonly lurking solo just out of range of other animals' territory. It it prefers to lurk in the shadows as an observer.
Uninformed individual: "What is a Lurkey? A lion and a turkey?"

Scientist: "Guess Again."

Uninformed individual:"A lemur and a turkey?"

Scientist: "No, it is actually a llama and a turkey."

Now informed individual: "Why is it called a Lurkey?"

Scientist: "The lion and lemur did not result in a successful hybrid. We tried"
by Mr. Moreau May 14, 2013
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