5 definitions by Vacuum

Person 1: hey you want to come over

Person 2: sorry I can’t I’m busy

Person 1: ok that’s fine
by Vacuum March 22, 2019
When you feel high af but aren’t
Damm dude I’m so fu fu headed
by Vacuum March 22, 2019
A big ass line of coke that makes u gag after taking it because your esophagus and throat go numb
After 4 beers I think I need a gager
by Vacuum May 16, 2017
A man's ultimate dream. Copyright by Stephen Colbert, 2007.
The average mantasy involves fast cars, brazilian supermodels, and beer.
by Vacuum June 20, 2007
One could fairly describe Conan O'Brien as a lurid individual.
by Vacuum August 3, 2008