1. alternative way to express the concept of 'lurve'
2. to some extene, 'love'

As a sidenote, the socially acceptable usage of the word is questioned, as it reminds some people of the word 'barf'.
1. I flippin lurf you.
2. yay. lurf in a bag.
by TheSecretAzNMan March 4, 2006
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a real loser,lacking intelligence, a total dumbshit that consistantly acts moronic around EVERYONE.
My roomie is a total lurf. He hasn't gotten laid in eleven years.
by boobookitty February 5, 2005
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The sound you make when you feel so full you can throw up but you prevent this by laying on a couch or bed.
Ugh, I just ate an entire zebra...lurf...
by SayHeyKid999 October 2, 2005
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(lur-f) NOUN

1.) Used to describe the period of time in which a person or persons are infatuated/obsessed/enthralled with a specific subject/topic/person/etc.

2.) A nonspecific part of the body, most commonly used along with the term ‘sucks’ or ‘chokes’ or ‘eats’.

3.) A guttural sound made by one who is too embarrassed to speak the correct names of specific anatomical attributes.
1.) I was on a coffee lurf last week.

2.) This sucks major lurf!

3.) He asked to touch her ...lurf.
by AvengingMyInnocence August 12, 2009
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Lurf ,
A term used by cannabis growers to describe a bad harvest that is more leafs than bud........Leaf-Lurf
JOHN _ Hey , how was Jeffs harvest ?
SMITH--Pretty bad , it was all Lurf , he will be lucky to get $2000 per pound for it.
by J. Waterweight April 13, 2011
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To smoke massive amounts of Marijuana and feel incredible heavy and slow
by Knic57 May 19, 2015
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To Love-fuck. To make passionate love in a way that is vigorous, taken from the very depths of your soul. Can also be applicable in a lust for lurf, as is the case for many desperate pizza-faces.
Dude, did you rape that chick?
Naw man, it was lurf.

Oh amelia, how I dream of lurfing you with my level 54 night elf.
by SpecterC4 July 22, 2010
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