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When you hair goes flying all around in a very curly and stereotypical Jewish motion. The heb is short for Hebrew, pronounced Heeeeeb.
Holy crap! Barry! Control your Heb hair!
by SayHeyKid999 July 31, 2006
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The sound you make when you feel so full you can throw up but you prevent this by laying on a couch or bed.
Ugh, I just ate an entire zebra...lurf...
by SayHeyKid999 October 01, 2005
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1. What people yell when there is a terrorist attack in a resteraunt.

2. A violent plum
1. *man is eating at table*
*terrorist walks in holding a bomb*

2. On the dark side of the refridgerator, a plum turns to a life of explosives and violence, he becomes aplomb
by SayHeyKid999 July 29, 2006
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