guys taking a shit while someone sucks the off
grand ma you want a lumpkin? yeah i wanna lumpkin!
AKA: dumpkin, jumpkin, sumpkin,zumpkin, humpkin.
by jonbennet July 09, 2006
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a lumpkin is when your partner shits on u during anal sex
person1: that was sick what happened last nite
person2: what happened
person1: my mate was havin sex and his partner had a massive lumpkin on him while having sex
person2: fuck me thats sick man!!!!
by bigdaddy197 April 30, 2009
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A blowjob performed in a nightclub restroom that is interupted by The Staff and the two involved are kicked out of the club without finishing.
Did you hear those 2 in the next stall getting dragged out of here after giving a Lumpkin?
by ChaCha512 January 07, 2012
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A weird word that can be added to another word following a hyphen to give your speech a weird flare.
That pom-pom is a fuzzy-lumpkin
by Hannah Lumpkins June 09, 2005
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