(Gerund): sitting around not making good use of the oxygen you are breathing. Generally accompanied by mindless viewing of the glowing picture box and intermittent loss of consciousness.
After the football game, we enjoyed lumping on the couch.
by Lampy September 17, 2005
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To lie on/under/entangled with your other half, usu.in bed, in a non sexual and entirely lazy way (although lumping can of course lead to sexual activity; however, it is usually engaged in after sex or when the couple are extremely tired/hungover/on a comedown.)

Lumping can be done by oneself on objects other than a person for example cushions/floor, but research has shown it is most comfortable when done on another person.
I'd rather be at home lumping on you.
by Ms N August 3, 2009
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lumping is when a girl pees in a mans asshole then lets the girl push it in with a dildo.
after lumping last night my ass reeks of pee and plastic.
by flipbook22 June 24, 2011
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Pertaining to, speaking of, or just downright calling someone retarded or a retard. Originating and somehow managing not to venture outside of the boundaries of the Athens-Clarke County Public School System in Athens, GA, lump lump has been used for generations of students when describing special needs kids, short buses, and teachers who can't teach for shit.
Damn, there goes the lump lump bus. I hope they don't start throwing poo at us.
by Doonshton September 6, 2006
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A replacement of the "F" words F*** and F***ing. Made popular by Princess Lumpy from Adventure Time on CartoonNetwork.
Lump/Lumping I lumping hate them!
by BrandiiiLynnn July 3, 2010
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From the Idiom, "like it or lump it." Meaning to cope with a situation that is beyond one's control or design.
I failed my course. Guess I'll have to lump it.
by romee_dee January 19, 2011
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Term used by Ricko to suggest that large amounts of money should be placed on a certain event happening. Usually a horse race.
"Lump on, you cunt"
by Anonymous April 1, 2003
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