luhh is a better word for love, that is hip and is only used by cool PEOPLE
the outfit you are wearing today is luhh,
by luhh May 1, 2006
Well, it's simple: luhh is what you feel when you love someone or something in Erica world. So I can luhh you because it is related to you, and you, well obviously you get to luhh anything you want because it is YOUR's. Mkay d-u-n!!!
Erica absolutely luhhs me!!!
by BSLLS February 8, 2011
A nigga that don’t give a fuck about how you feel or how you felt💯
You heard of luhh lon???
Yea that nigga act like he don’t give a damn about anyone”
by Luhh lon December 31, 2022
Its a word this cool girl uses when she is telling someone she loves them. It's usually used in a joking way, often times you don't mean it.
by durkels October 19, 2010
Luhh is what happens when Erik met Beth on the first day of fall…..
Erik Luhhs Beth more than the entire world
by Boy_Crowned_Prince September 23, 2022