A girl who goes to an all girls school, who because of her lack of contact with males, becomes a lesbian. Short for Lesbian Until Graduation. Name and practice originates from Miss Porter's School.
Everyone on my field hockey team is dating each other. They're all lugs.
by Mugambi May 02, 2007
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"Lesbian Until Graduation": girl who dates other women in college. After graduation she begins her adult life and reverts to heterosexual relationships.
"I thought Jan was gay, but at the alumni dinner she introduced me to her husband! I guess she was just a LUG."
by YouCantKillANinja October 08, 2014
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At the reunion many of us were surprised to see how many of the dykes turned out to be lugs.
by Vegimedia Vartiman August 28, 2003
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Lesbian Until Graduation. Used to describe women who fuck women, while attending an all womens college because they can't find a man.
Shit Cassie ain't got cock in so long she's a LUG.
by C&B November 02, 2005
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Lugs in the U here are a hard-to-find. Thanks to the fact that they plan to extend thier lesbianism well into the later stages of thier measley little sorry lezass lives!
by hytham_hammer July 06, 2005
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To carry or drag something around, requiring that a great amount of energy be used in the process.
I had to lug my bike on the train today because I got a puncture.
by Cheeba! May 25, 2009
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