The equivalent of a cameltoe but for men. Short for luggage.

Also, can be used for women by calling it a lady lug.
Look at Johnny’s pants, they’re so tight you can totally see his lug.

Wow Johnny, check out her lady lug!
by Bechiac8 February 11, 2018
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to lug a large floppy object known as a 'meat'
lugging your big meat around
by synclair ££ May 11, 2011
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From vb. "lug," to be forcibly removed against one's will. To be removed or ejected unfairly or without due process. Used in correctional setting when inmates are removed from their cells to solitary confinement or to another prison after fighting or after being suspected of a disciplinary infraction.
Jose cracked Charlie's grill in a card game and got lugged behind the wall.
by Bill McCallum December 12, 2006
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1. To wear Lugz, a shoe/boot popular in the hip-hop community.
2. To stomp someone while wearing Lugz.
3. To run slow (because you are wearing Lugz).
1. My whole crew was lugging in the club.
2. If a bitch talks shit, we'll be lugging his ass!
3. He tried to run from the cops but got caught because he was lugging.
by jamesf87 February 28, 2006
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Lug is a type of nut you put on your tire.
“Hey pass me a lug for my tire
by Duckinthefuture April 21, 2018
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getting drunk; derived from the language Jag
by Jake January 7, 2005
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My man was fucking me on top and I enjoyed it so much, I gave him a lug.(a leg hug)
by Lexy816 November 24, 2020
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