It means love you girl it is a slang word to let your friends know that your always there for them and that you love them.
I’m just really frustrated with everything right now.

Hey it’ll be alright i’m here for you! lug
by Lizzie07 May 21, 2019
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Lug. An action word that combines both Love and Hug. An action that only applies to people whom you have ties and are bonded with (figuratively/literally).
Me and Mary have been together for seven years now. As a couple we often lug each other around the house, outside the house, and practically everywhere we go. People are jealous of our lugging
by Dashy_boy April 28, 2017
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Lug is a cat who is probably dead. This phrase originated on the anonymous app Candid, when one user started writing Lug on everyone's posts. This quickly spread, and soon other users started commenting Lug on any random posts. Soon a Candid group was made dedicated to Lug, and it quickly gained popularity. Lug eventually became Candid's top meme.
Have you seen all those Lug memes? They are literally goals #LugLife .
by CatcoolLugMeow December 30, 2016
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My man bradley just dropped a lug on my carpet!

Wow he won't get away with this. I'm gonna splorgus on his mom.
by Lug Boss 09 March 18, 2018
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A self-loathing manwhore who shares his name with another commonly known tool (nut). You can identify a Lugs by his abnormally huge peck-tits, yet abnormally small pecker.
Hey guys, look at that a dirty old suka... no wait, it's just Lugs.
by Vlad August 1, 2003
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big lug
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edit Englishedit EtymologyEmphatic form of lug (“large man”).

edit Nounbig lug (plural big lugs)

1.(colloquial) A term of affection and endearment describing a man whose personality traits reflect the opposite of his overall broad physique. For example, a man may be tall, physically built but isn't afraid to express his overall feelings and emotions. In other words, a big lug is a man that acts the opposite of what his overall image reflects, or acts against the stereotypical image of the tough guy.
Big bad John gave his wife flowers. The big lug.
by kentucky steemer February 14, 2012
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A drinking game in which any amount of people can play. You fill a large container full of beer (usually atleast 2 more beers than the amount of people playing), you then turn on the song "Chug A Lug" by Roger Miller and pass the container around, chugging as much as possible. The beer must be finished by the end of the song and if you successfully finish it, you add yet another beer and play again! Continue until shitfaced.
Hey Billy Ray, lets go get dan, jake, ethan, chuckie and dustin together to play some chug-a-lug and get real festered!
by afahey2009 September 18, 2009
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