a friend, a mug, a buddy, someone who will be there till death, someone who just dont give a fuck,Some one who is Gee'd Up From The Feet Up!
1.Lets go pick them lugs up, We cant leave em' hangin.

2.Hey Lugger you want me to help you bury that bitches body? If so I'm buyin the beer
by Mcphee85 June 04, 2009
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A word used to describe individuals who never pay for anything themselves and follow others with financial stability in order to obtain goods and services.
"Bro stop lugging and get a job!"

"Nah don't invite him, he's a lug!"

"Got no money dude... guess I'm lugging it tonight"
by Dak Srs August 25, 2011
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A fat stupid pollack who loves to suck on his moms titskes. Ussually bi-polar and with quite an overdeveloped taste for man-juice.
Hey looks at that mule sucking that guys dick, its name is probably Lugs. hahahaha
by Ernie May 04, 2003
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Part of the IGGY FAMILY TREE, the LUG derives from the patrilineal IGGY line.

A lug is and can be a indescribable object in space.

"You utter LUG"

"Look at that LUG!"

by billybillyohbilly April 01, 2008
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