a pill of methqualone, a sedative drug similar that acts similar barbiturates
They somehow slipped a 'lude into his drink.
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vulgar, crass, debauch or low; often of a sexual intonation or nature.
A lude gesture or display.

This term is used often but does not appear in dictionaries, while Definition 1 (Quaalude) appears in most dictionaries but is rarely used.
by Person Anonymous June 01, 2005
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Not merely an abbreviation, this term can be used to denote poor, socially unacceptable behavior.
"His behavior at dinner was crass and lude."

"He was making lude gestures."
by Fox April 15, 2005
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A portmanteau of lewd and nude, suggesting the use of pornographic material to ease loneliness, relax or to share with others for peer-bonding rather than the explicit purpose of masturbation: either through image boards or discord servers - or larger communities such as gelbooru, sankaku complex or e621.

They typically have more in common with softcore pornography or pinups and are usually drawn, rather than photographed.

A common example is the use of ahegao within the vaporwave and citypop communities.

A nod to quaaludes, a classification of sedative which is also known to ease one's sexual inhibitions.

Meetings with those ones share ludes with are far more likely to become sexual encounters or experiments if in privacy, regardless of one's orientation due to the shared comfort and relaxed atmosphere said material creates between individuals and the primer they create for the discussion of aesthetic, thematic and fetishistic preference which draw people together.
"Pochincoff really nails robot ludes, doesn't he?"

"Hang on, let me check my lude folder"

"The server's mainly circlejerking to anime ludes but some of the members are ok I guess"
by AnOsakaIsFineToo September 14, 2018
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