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To make something slippery. A more erotic explanation would be to make the penis or vagina more slippery and hence achieve a better rubbing feeling when the sex organs are rubbing against each other. Men produce a lubricant called precum while women secrete vaginal fluid that makes the vagina walls wet.
To enhance a better sex experience both partners secrete lubricants that lubricate their respective sex organs.
by HelpfulJack January 6, 2019
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A type of sexual intercourse that is controversial among different people; some think it is vulgar while others acknowledge and praise that it brings more sexual excitement. Kinky sex is often regarded as sex involving BDSM, sex toys or simply ceaseless sex. In general, this sex type may not be suitable for amateurs to enjoy. Individuals with a certain level of experience may be interested with this sex category.
Maria and Kate are two young, beautiful girls who everyone think would be very innocent. However, their true sides reveal when they are alone with their shared boyfriend. Once then, the two cute girls instantly become mindless sluts thinking of nothing but sex. They would act as dogs, sticking out their tongues and begging to their boyfriend for his cock as if he was their master. They would only think of perverted thoughts as they become slaves to their boyfriend's cock, licking and sucking it like their life depended on it. They could no longer live without this cock, and would be willing to live a life of endless sex, gladly being knocked off by the cock until their pussies are completely destroyed.
by HelpfulJack January 6, 2019
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A term used to describe sexual intercourse in which both the boy and girl( or gay or lesbian according to your preference )are truly and madly in love with each other. Both partners crave for the bodies of each other and keep enjoying sexual pleasure together. This type of sex is accompanied with a lot of kissing, moaning and hugging. The best sex category to achieve an erection or horny feeling.
As soon as they were alone Emily pushed Justin down the bed and gave her mutiple wet French kisses. Justin took her shirt and bra off while Emily continued wrapping her tongue around his. Soon after they stripped each other down Emily pushed her ass down Justin's dick and started riding him, moaning in such erotic sounds. Justin leaned forward and licked her hard nipples while Emily wrapped her arms around his head, hugging tightly and rubbing both their sex organs and hot bodies against each other. Justin lifted his chin up and embraced Emily's warm tongue as both of them continued to drown in lust, being devoured by the pleasure. Both refused to let go of each other and stayed connected as one for the rest of the night. NOW THIS IS WHAT PASSION-SEX IS LIKE.
by HelpfulJack January 6, 2019
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