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A variation of the term 'lol' used primarily by touchtypers who need quick access to a laughing anagram gesture.
bloke 1: Nicks just been ganked by a horde n00b
bloke 2: lsl!
bloke 3: lol!
by Grazwa December 04, 2006
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Lsl is a in-game language used in the online game Second Life. It is a cross between Java and C and is an easy language to learn if you understand the basics of programming. The language uses built-in functions and can have user defined functions. Lsl is used to make the objects in Second Life do things like speak or move or change color.
this is an example of lsl that makes the object say Hello World!




llSay(0,"Hello World!");

by helpful informer May 04, 2009
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Laughing super loud; used alternatively from "lol"
person1: you're stupid!!
person1: lsl!!
person2: shut up!!
by Alfredo Justo May 09, 2007
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james why you LSL (laugh so loud) all the time !!! so annoying

commonly used as LSLIL (laugh so loud in library)
by LSLIL September 27, 2011
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