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A word used by ignorant craigslist sellers who did not go to college to learn the basic economic concept of depreciation. A seller who uses this term generally knows that their price is wrong but they use this word to demean buyers as well as demonstrate a high level of selfishness and greed.
"2008 Yamaha, 30k miles, 5600 or best offer, NO LOWBALLERS"
by trillzill420 June 17, 2016
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a person who bargains extremely lower that retail or reasonable price. also, being ridiculously cheap.
the price for the phone is $250. no low ballers.
by julian, roberto April 29, 2008
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A person who tries to get something for lower price than already set
Some lowballer just called me for this phone I put up on sale in craigslist and asked me if I could offer him a lower price for it than what I've already listed. To be curtious and not waste my time, I told him I would call him back but never did.
by iv81 September 16, 2008
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A person who offers an unreasonably low amount for something they are trying to buy. Typically an offer of 30% (or lower) less than the asking price is considered a low ball offer.
Item X is for sale for the amount of $1500.

Low Baller:
I'll give you $1000 for your X.

GTFO of here. Like I said, no low ball offers you POS! And stop wasting my time!
by USMC SGT November 01, 2011
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English: Person who offers same service or product for less than a competitor in order to score more customers and market share.
Urban: Dat muvfukka who always comin up in here 'n gettin' all up in my shit talkin' bout how he roll. Playa hatin' ho stealin' muvfukka! ( I went to college in west philadelphia I am fluent in ghetto)

If someone is selling 1 ounce of weed for $100, the low-baller will offer 1 ounce of weed for $75 in order to make a quick profit and killing the competition regardless of quality. The 100 an ounce might be of good quality with no stems or seeds, but the $75 bag will be regular crappy american skunker with stems and seeds. The low baller here is riding on making a quick buck driving the market prices down.
Geek squad offers a service for $249.99 to come to your house and fix your PC. Most people around my way will do it for far less. like $50 dollars. thats geek squads fault. I hope they go out of business.
by MXPCServices Dot Com April 10, 2008
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Somebody who makes an offer for goods/services which is absurdly lower than asking price. They attempt to "start low" to haggle you down to a price that is unreasonable.
I've been trying to sell the 24" Lorenzo rims from my Escalade on Craigslist, but I'm only getting offers from broke, ghetto ass low-ballers who waste my time. They act like they're serious buyers, then they show up and offer me half the asking price.
by timofyourlife October 26, 2011
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A man who's testicles, in this case referred to as balls, sink too low to the ground. It is implied that in this case, the man is old and senile (not that a lowballer must fit these qualities physically, but could just be thinking that way) and is, most importantly, thinking in a very spineless, immoral, and unethical way. He will usually find ways to scam people, or express his largely unethically-held beliefs. He is not jaded, but usually just a guy who hates people because he's a jackass.

A lowballer is often mistaken for a hustler. A clear distinction should be made between the two in that a lowballer is just a dickhead and a hustler is a G. The distinctions are most often made on a person-to-person basis.

Prime examples: Rupert Murdoch and Bernie Madoff.
"Yo, did you hear what happened to that bike?"
"No, what happened?"
"Mo Khan stole it from Adil!"
"Are you serious? Aren't they friends?"
"Yeah, but Mo Khan fooled Adil and got to it first."
"What a fucking lowballer."
"Well, not completely. Mo Khan kinda just hustled him."
"Fuck you."

"Did you hear how I lowballed my teacher?"
"God dammit, what'd you do this time?"
"I told her I had cancer and got out of taking the final exam."
"Atleast you're still going to hell."
by Ballal-Din Sackrub November 04, 2009
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