When your boyfriend refers to his balls as such.
S: I'm gonna throw some low hanging fruit on your face tonight.

D: Lol whaaaa

S: Exactly. On your face.
by Fruity Balls February 17, 2014
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Any gay man or woman under 5'7" in height.
Your trick last night was totally low hanging fruit.
by bunnylumpkin February 13, 2008
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What are you on about? That sounds like low-hanging fruit to me.
by TMISv2.0 July 21, 2017
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A person who is easily reachable(easy pickings).
Tends to go after easily attainable females. Despite the name low hanging fruit they carry extremely petite genitalia.
by Mort lyncher March 6, 2023
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Some nonsense that my sixth grade english teacher was obsessed with. He's slightly insane, and never told us what low hanging fruit actually meant. Often used in combination with "don't play yourself"
by May 4, 2022
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