A term used to describe an easy sexual conquest, requiring little effort or commitment.
Joanna had a long list of suitors, most of them low hanging fruits.
by azib958 July 1, 2007
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The most annoying ass phrase in the corporate world. It is an extremely overused and worn-out cliché that basically means a task that is easy to perform and complete. If you use this phrase, please stop. You are the reason people go postal.
Boss: Let's go after the low hanging fruit first.

Employee: *shoots self in a cubicle.*
by 0000101100101000010101011 April 6, 2021
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The state of being endowed with peaches that drop so close to your ankles that boxers are rendered unrealistic.
My low hanging fruit require multiple knots to be reasonably set in place.
by The Low Hanger September 8, 2012
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When your grandfather is so old that his balls hang down to his knees
My grand daddy sat on his balls the other day because he has some low hanging fruit.
by Chuck July 17, 2014
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Expression used by proctologists to describe severe cases of external hemorrhoids.
The doctor remarked to his colleague, "I’d never seen so many low hanging fruit. I called the surgeon immediately and made an appointment for my patient."
by PJ Anderson May 28, 2008
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Someone who is currently straight but would take the least effort to turn gay.
Your easiest target is Andrew; he's definitely the low-hanging fruit.
by fdsa321 June 2, 2009
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