Private. If a post was priv then it could not be seen by the person because the poster has a private account and the person does not follow the poster.
It's priv
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Hennessy V.S.O.P. Priviledge cognac.
I got fucked up off the priv and puked all over your mom's head while she was blowing me.
by pussykillah February 19, 2014
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private school kids. bare posh. wear jack wills, uggs and abercrombie + fitch. hang out down kings road being all gay and posh. hate everyone who aint posh + privvy. have big hair. endless money. the kids from living on the edge are the perfect example.
"youre such a priv cos you work in jack wills"
by blueygreen December 27, 2008
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adj: something that's cool, sweet.
TB- aye yo b, that shit's priv
by D Raq August 12, 2007
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only the coolest awesome-est girls who go to private schools where people are preppy but can't forget their roots at public school
yo lets call priv shes banging at that school while we're hear at public man i miss her
by good girl March 8, 2005
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a 10 year old that thinks he can pull ips
stop being a fucking priv
by Clapan December 4, 2019
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the act of posting on your private story, specifically on Snapchat
I spend too much time privving, I can't get my homework done!
by mackieronii December 9, 2020
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