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the action of kissing your hand and then slapping someone square in the forhead using the same hand with the intention of causing pain.
"ouch why did you slap me"
"its love spam"
"yeah but it hurt"
"i did it with love though"
"love hurts"
by simonthebigfatpieman May 06, 2007
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A garrulous, slightly black-humored, self-deprecating, and completely unpersonalized email sent to friends in family to keep in touch.
While it was nice to know Tom was trying to keep in touch, all I would ever receive were his impersonal Love Spams.
by biznizzy December 13, 2008
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spam of a loving sort, commonly enjoyed by people that appreciate the nice sort of creepiness shared within certain relationships.

often used on facebook and through texts.
however, may not be met with appreciation by those who don't have a sense of humour.
matt: "I LOVE YOU"
matt: "<3"
matt: "LOTS OF LOVE"
ash: can you quit the love spam, please.
by lovespammmm February 17, 2010
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A mass SMS spam campaign conducted by the salacious Brit named Matt . The campaign involved sending over 100 million messages to nearly every mobile phone in Britain.
I can't believe I've been screwed over by Love Spam again!

Who's that text from? Oh's just that Love Spam campaign again. This is really starting to grind my gears!
by DaveyCrockett13 November 16, 2010
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Being electronically spam by the person or persons that love you or you love.
Molly was love spam today by her boyfriend Peter who lives in Ireland.
by Jack Archer Lana January 10, 2008
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