when someone says something you don’t want to hear, mostly internet slang when someone posts a glow up of a celebrity or anniversaries of events, made to make other people emotional.

(example: someone posts a picture of one direction when they first became a band and then another one of their last day as a band before hiatus. they caption it- “it feels like yesterday they were on the X-factor”) they’re being loud
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by backstagebesson March 13, 2018
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Pawning off your work onto co-workers while getting paid in full during your absence.
Scott got Lou'd at the office last week. He stayed an hour after quitting time to complete someone else's work
by Cat Cracker June 23, 2009
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1. Sound characterized by high volume and intensity.
2. Producing sound of high volume and intensity.
3. Insistent.
4. Having extremely bright colors
5. Offensive in manner.
My subwoofer is so loud - it goes up to 11!

Paco's shirt is extremely loud; I didn't know that there are that many shades of orange!
by adamisaspaz March 04, 2003
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to be negatively or uncomfortably affected by the unnessasry, thoughtless or otherwise unexplainable actions of another person, generally a native of the greater St. Louis area.
"Why did that person just speed past me in the left lane, only to get in front of me and slow down to get in the right lane"?

"Dude, you've been Lou'd"!
by Facehead12 November 18, 2010
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A prank in which someone informs an undesirable acquaintance about a party to which he is not invited.
"How was the party last night man?"
"It was cool until about 10 o'clock, I think Sam lou'd us, because fucking Michael showed up."
by thatbitchgotloud February 07, 2010
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Another name for sour diesel marijuana. Good and strong weed. Smells so good.
Yoo come thru I got a L of sum loud on deck
by CashhGunna October 29, 2011
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