A word to describe absolutely anything in life, often used as a greeting or expletive. Named after pharmacy extraordinaire Josh "Lotz" Lotz.
Lotz! Pass me the low-fat choco-lolz catz lotz.

Man 1: Lotz?
Man 2: Lotz!

How many shots did he have? Lotz of shotz
by jkk2 April 06, 2011
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Lots of cock. As in, lots of huge man cock. Reserved for females only. Sorry guys. Look up wordAyman/word or wordSimon/word for that.
"That guy sure has Lotz of cock."
by Not Peter June 11, 2003
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the softest baby, who deserves the world. shethority member and cares so much about her character (sara lance, white canary). and loves her sister wife jes macallan.
omg... did you know that caity lotz runs shethority.
by flamin hot cheeto December 10, 2019
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An absolute beast that is good at everything. Also referred to as “The shotty god” or “the everything god”. He is extremely raftus and could pull any girl he wants to but doesn’t because he is too good for them.
Omg it’s Crew Lotz he’s so sexy and awesome and raftus I wish we could date so I could see his huge penis.
by Bigboy444 July 18, 2021
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A dude with a long schlong, often found in areas with a variety of cars
Wow, that is one Ryan Lotz of cock
by Ophoia July 22, 2021
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An absolute mad man. Strongest high schooler in the US and possibly North America. Squatting a remarkable 500 lbs at 16 years old with depth. No one can stop this beast. Receiving offers from 9 Big Ten schools for tight end. Kyle Pitts needs to watch his back.
Did you see Matthew Lotz snag that toe tapper?! Pop off beast! #D1 Lotz
by ClEmSoN CoMmIt April 26, 2021
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