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A mysterious minion of Count Bleck in the game Super Paper Mario. His true identity is unknown. Some people think he is Luigi, but come on, that's preposterous.
Have at you! - Mr. L
by DKsDownBInTheAir July 25, 2009
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Those annoying mammoth like enemies in Super Paper Mario for the Wii, that appear during worlds 5, 8, and the Pit of 100 trials. The world 8 variants are called Mega Muths, and the Pit of 100 trials variants are called Dark Muths. These guys have a ton of HP (about 100-255) but give a load of points when killed. Flip to 3-D to get past them.
Fear the woolly foot of the mighty Muth! It'll trample you just for looking at it wrong.
by DKsDownBInTheAir July 29, 2009
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A feeling one gets when they feel for some retarded reason that the Wii has no good games, sell it, then regret selling it, and want to buy it back when a certain game is announced for it.

See idiot and moneywaster.
Tom: I think I might sell my Wii. It has like no good games out for it.
*sells Wii*

-2 months later, the reverse buyer's wiimorse kicks in-

Tom: Is that Metroid Other M? It looks awesome!
Now I have to buy the Wii back to play it... I should have never sold it.
by DKsDownBInTheAir August 7, 2009
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What happens in any Mario Kart game when you get hit with a bunch of red and green shells, obstacles, and blue shells at the same time bringing you from 1st to 8th/12th. Brings the anger out of you instantly.
Guy: Yes! I'm gonna win the r-*crash by red shell*, *crash by green shell*, *blue shell explosion*, *falls off cliff*

by DKsDownBInTheAir July 6, 2009
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One of the last good cartoons for Cartoon Network, created by Maxwell Atoms. It stars three main characters: Billy, a total moron who has an IQ of -17. Has a big red nose, a baseball cap, and a large fear of clowns. Mandy is an intelligent but very sadistic girl, and rarely shows any emotion other than anger and boredom. She can permanently scar someone just by looking at them. Grim, who is a skeleton that reaps souls, and got the job in middle school. He is around 137,000 years old, and speaks in a Jamaican accent. An interesting fact is that both Mandy and Grim lack noses, but Billy makes it up with his huge nose.

The plot starts at Billy's house, and Billy's hamster Mr. Snuggles has it's 12th birthday. The Grim Reaper then comes to reap the hamster's soul, but is surprised at the total lack of fear from both Billy and Mandy. Mandy then bets the hamster's soul. If they won a game of limbo against grim, they would be able to keep the soul, and Grim would have to be their best friend forever (literally). If Grim wins however, he takes it. They proceed in the game, and Mandy cheats by distracting Grim with the hamster as he's limboing. Grim is then stuck with being their best friend forever, and this is how the show starts.

It was originally a part of a two part mini series, Grim and Evil, where it was paired with a show called "Evil Con Carne". They both eventually split into two different shows. Evil Con Carne was unfairly canceled early, and the Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy became a very popular show on the channel. Some Evil Con Carne characters even made cameo appearances in the show.

It was canceled in late 2007.
Typical Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy Episode:

Sperg: Hey wuss, wanna get an at-
Mandy: *Looks at Sperg*
Sperg: *pisses pants and runs away*
by DKsDownBInTheAir June 29, 2009
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