A very nice and kind person that is very supportive
Are you sad? Go see that lady she looks like a Loreto.
by Good girl:-) October 30, 2015
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A shit hole where people turn into lesbians and stick brooms up their asses.
Him : what school do you go to?

Her: loreto

Him: oh so ur a lesbo
by 18902222 November 09, 2018
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The Typical Loreto girl...
Likes to wear:
-Tommy hilfiger
-Sass & Bide
-Mimco Jewellery & Wallets
-Tiffany & Co.
-Country Road

Spends her time:
-Going to Room 680 (at the age of 18yrs )
-Going for Igloo Zoo on Glenferrie Rd
-Chap Laps
-Getting her nails done @ Texas Nails on High St Armadale
-Having brunch @ Coin Laundry next to Armadale Station
-Dating Scotch, Xavier, St. Kevins or Melbourne Grammar Boys.
-Sun tanning in Lorne, Rye or Portsea during summer.

She is a decent, faithful and well rounded girl who respects her peirs and has classiness. Loreto Toorak Girls are known for their beautiful reputation amongst their local communities.
Loreto Toorak Girl: A Blonde or Brunette haired beauty seen roaming on Glenferrie, Chapel st or Burke Rd on the casual Friday afternoon.
by Robboooooooooooooooooooo May 26, 2012
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private girls school on the north shore.
male-associated schools are mainly riverview and joeys
much better than loreto kiribilli
all girls @ loreto rock
"she goes to loreto..whoah she must be something!"
by tori January 09, 2004
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All girls Catholic nunnery for sick chicks on the north shore. School for girls who can't afford PLC but have enough in the bank for Bennies. Full of derro bogan boarders who roam the school with poorly made lunches from the scraps of the day girl's canteen.

Loreto Students' male siblings always go to elite schools such as St Joseph's College, Riverview or Knox Grammar as a result of lack of love and funding from parents.

Loreto girls are mostly from the upper north shore but some do trek it from Pennant Hills, Castle Hill and Beecroft - north shore girls refer to this area as "the western suburbs" or "derro area". You will often see younger Loreto nuns lurking around Wahroonga Village, ready to pounce on some trust-fund knox boys. Loreto girls who hunt for public school boys at Hornsby Westfield are usually frowned upon and will more than likely be excommunicated by their peers.

Normo Student in Yr 8: hey! do you want to go look for knox boys with me at chookas this arvo?
Normo Student in Yr 9: omg the party i went to on the weekend got shut down! so many public school boys and it was in hornsby - i feel like i was so cultured!

Normo Student in Yr 10: i asked a joeys boy to formal! he only said yes because i did caps with him. totally worth it though!

Normo Student in Yr 11: i think it would be good if we hid alcohol in our lockers.. no one will catch us!!
Joey's Boy: Mate i have to tell you, I have a girlfriend
Joey's friend: Let me guess, shes a Loreto Normanhurst Girl?

Knox Boy: Who's that girl who keeps following me into the school?
Knox Friend: Didn't you realise? that's a Loreto girl mate! she has no relationship to the school be careful she wants your money!
by nunofyourbusiness July 18, 2017
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A school full of the most brilliant girls ever. If you have ever met a student who attends this school you have basically come in contact with a god.
All other definitions are invalid, you’re all just jealous.
Woah she’s from Loreto Dalkey, she’s too good for us
by butterbean October 29, 2019
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Loreto College is a catholic institution, everyone who goes there is sexy af and are WAY smarter than the absolute gremlins that lurk around in Xaverian. but the maths department is gayyyy
“where college did you go to?” Omar
Loreto collegeNiamh
“hell yeah you must be elite” Omar
by TheAwesomeGingerOne November 13, 2019
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