Theatrical slang used mainly in Australia to wish performer good luck. Synonymous to "break a leg".
Actors, this is your 5 minute call. Chookas, everyone!
by LenSensei June 20, 2006
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Another word for cheers. Used mostly by drag queens when toasting one another when drinking cocktails.
by sire_of_black_eyess September 06, 2005
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The act of being the coolest man at any party or anywhere. You get any chick you want and word has they have massive cocks. Normally have an awesome body and aint to be messed with.
hey did you see ben last night?

Yea he's the biggest chooka.
by B Double D August 29, 2008
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chooka is the same as saying nasty/dirty.
b;“oh she chooka”
d;“you right she nasty
by lossndidnbdd October 12, 2019
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Que chicka boneita muy calienta chooka chooka chooka. Sandy said " what did you say " <--(dumb westwood girl). Mucho chi chi's yo chooka chooka chooka por favor? U know mexican chooka? I show you!
by itichie_nocanpoo June 10, 2006
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Cool, as in a rapper or hip hop genre. To the beat of hip hop.
His clothes are pooka chooka man.
by Pooka chooka girl September 19, 2021
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