the funniest person you will ever meet. definitely the most wholesome person out there. Aside from being the best looking, 100000/10 in terms of character. Definitely wouldn't regret meeting this girl. She makes it too easy for you to be proud of her
loreen likes munggo a flipino dish
by $hanghai June 8, 2021
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damn that girl was fucking fine, but nothin compared to loreen.
by pete July 20, 2004
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Is a hott date and she knows it.
by Joe October 11, 2004
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the winner of Melodifestivalen and Eurovision in 2012
Loreen won the eurovision songcontest in 2012
by EthanCN March 11, 2017
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That one person that no one really likes, hooks up with 39474927428 million guys a month and has a future at sleeping on her couch everyday of her life whilst on tinder dates... These guys must be braindead in order to like her as she's as unattractive as the neighbour's chihuahua, has -932742 IQ and looks like a figure taken out of a horror movie! Avoid Loreen!
That one guy: Who's Loreen?
Me: Oh, don't worry, just the moron next door, don't mind her, she's out of your league man...
That one guy: Oh, then i'll make sure to avoid Loreen!
by TheIdioticGenius July 26, 2020
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