A joke ... but we like it anyway!

Highlights of 2004's Eurovision song contest:

- Satelite feed of woman blowing her nose
- Xena Warrior Princesses from Ukraine winning
- UK getting more than 0 this year (hurray!)
by Mister Ignorant May 17, 2004
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Mediocre performers, crappy songs, but for some strange reason massive loads of fun - even if you're not a flaming homosexual.
Digg-loo, diggi-lei
by bllah January 9, 2004
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A massive gay pride parade of European music featuring too many oversized flags, flying bearded ladies, epic sax guys, animated stick people, hot guys, sexy girls, Australia, smoke machines, wind machines, 'perfect' vocals, catwalks, fire and hosts that can't host.
"The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual event in which different European countries - and for whatever reason Australia - send their worst singers to sing their worst song with the worst staging and whoever was least terrible will win. This is usually Sweden because they care way too much about this contest.
In conclusion, it is an annual gay pride festival with lots of pretty colours and Australia.
Enjoy at your own peril."
by #PROTECT.LENA.L-M.2K16 May 6, 2016
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a european song contest with electronic keyboards, shaved chests and a shedload of glitter
no thanks i am going to watch eurovision
by squid puffs October 15, 2019
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an annual competition where singers from countries inside and around europe sing corny songs, in a bid to get higher amounts of views.
it is 85% shit, but 15% is kinda ok.
eurovision 2021-05-18-22, enjoy!
by 56independent May 19, 2021
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To eurovise means to listen to Eurovision songs until you have memorised them.
Friend- Hey! I'm going to watch Eurovision today!

Me- Omg I've already eurovised every single 2021 Eurovision song!
by ëq¡ç sã× gü¥ July 7, 2021
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