Lordi are a fairly recent metal band.
fairly unique for this day and age as they are excessivly 80's, and draw alot of thier influence from the glam rock band, Kiss
Dude, did you see Lordi at Download?
by Desaevio July 2, 2005
a brilliant rock/hard rock band which the members appear in monster-like costumes. Lordi are one of the best new bands i hav seen in a long time, like slipknot except a bit softer and much more kool
by Proton August 26, 2006
An over the top Finnish glam band that won eurovision in 2006
Why is lordi so melodramatic?
by Pyrotechnicx August 20, 2006
A cool, pretty, intelligent and sarcastic woman who blogs and chats on various websites and hates the words: pwns, hater, fcuktard and other lame and redundant interwebz related words.
That lordi, she pwned me so now I am a hater!
by sebastianbachmans November 22, 2010
An exclamation of surprise, exasperation, or other strong emotion. Generally used by older generations, but also picked up by teenagers primarily from the US Eastern seaboard.
Child: Nana, what's love like?
Great-Grandmother: Oh lordy lordy, you are too young to be asking that question. Don't fall in love with boys yet; if they try to kiss you just sock them in the nose. Lordy, what's your mother teaching you?
by Armygirl0604 January 25, 2016
Polite and shorter way of saying "Oh my dear God!" without implying direct begging of the Man above. Coined by Ladholyman from #srvanime @ irc.rizon.net.
"Lordy!" screamed {rR}cv1per4 as he was shot multiple times in the chest, resulting in a very bloody death, by teammate {rR}Ladholyman's M5 Pump Shotgun.
by Ladholyman April 26, 2005
a kick-ass band right out of little ol finland. they are a bunch of rockers dressed as monsters that play REALLY good music. this band is a household name in europe, but sadly they are little known in canada
from the lordi album "The Arockalyplse" look for the song Hard Rock Hallujha
by Crozier November 20, 2006