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people who constanlty listen to music, in class, when bored, goin to sleep, waiting in line, EVERYWHERE and if they have a crappy MP3 player, constantly looking for batteries.
Guy:(listens to music and totally ignors people)
Guy#2: heeellooo? Music junkie??
by Crozier December 11, 2006

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a kick-ass band right out of little ol finland. they are a bunch of rockers dressed as monsters that play REALLY good music. this band is a household name in europe, but sadly they are little known in canada
from the lordi album "The Arockalyplse" look for the song Hard Rock Hallujha
by Crozier November 20, 2006

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a popular form of music that kicks the ass of most other geners of music. in fact, its the best, period.
i like ROCK music, everything else sux ass
by Crozier November 20, 2006

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those who talk alot and practice talking alot. see also speechist and speechisimist
"i practice speechisim"
by Crozier December 15, 2006

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