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A somewhat unintelligent, naive woman in her late 20's who has not worked in many years, complains all the time about her ex husband being late on child support, while she lazes around all day pretending to have a sick kid who really does not need as much help as she says he does. She is mainly on live video but has now moved to chaive and does pretty awful videos. She whines non stop and is kind of mean and nasty to people but gets upset when they are mean to her. She is a hypocrite, puts on too much makeup that makes her look like a clown, wears cheap and ugly wigs, and looks a wreck almost always. She looks ten years older than she is too, so that would make her 39 in appearance, and is not too pretty or bright. People suck up to her and half of them hate her which is weird in itself. Please avoid her. you can find her on www.chaive.net which has some serious assholes.
I saw Oshisback on camera and threw up a bit in my mouth.
by sebastianbachmans November 25, 2010

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A cool, pretty, intelligent and sarcastic woman who blogs and chats on various websites and hates the words: pwns, hater, fcuktard and other lame and redundant interwebz related words.
That lordi, she pwned me so now I am a hater!
by sebastianbachmans November 21, 2010

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