A gun in the game called "Fortnite". The amount of damage the Pump Shotgun does depends on the rarity of the gun. The most a Pump Shotgun can do to the head is 220.
Garry: "Yo wtf is this game? I got one pumped by this guy!"
Harry: "That's because he had a Pump Shotgun."
by Gatelotzombie January 5, 2021
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After pulling out of their sexual partner, the jizzer strokes their phallic member one time before unleashing the gates of cream onto their partners back.
"How was the sex?" "I did a One Pump Shotgun right onto her back man."
by One-Pump-Shotgun January 2, 2017
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Gabe. Gabe loves his blue pump shotgun. It is in his true lore that he loves to go down on that blue pumpy wumpy. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to this blue puma shagugugan and his love for going within the depths of Gabe on 9/11. The twin towers are gorgeous, but not as gorgeous as this shotgun is to Gyabe Gyattidge.
"Have you seen Gabe and the Blue Pump Shotgun?"

"No.. I saw Warren with it last."
by XS Cari November 8, 2023
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The term that is used for someone willing to take the seat of a (usually) retarded person who calls "shotgun" in an attempt to obtain the front seat of a vehicle. However this must be said within a split second subsequently after the first person calls shotgun.
Person 1: "I call shotgun!"

Person 2: "Well I call double-pump shotgun, better get in the back of the van or it's gonna be one hell of a ride for you."
by ogdajuiceman January 31, 2011
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1. to reload a shotgun
2. to wack off
1. i was pumping th eshogun so i didn't see you
2. i was pumping th eshogun so i didn't see you
by Tom Ivens May 5, 2003
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you: hey babe you wanna make tonight a special night

babe:yeah i wanna do it pump action shotgun
by zebaba November 8, 2011
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Another fucking gun that people won't get the censored out of here with.
Amogus Person: *tries to reboot Amogus Crew-*
NoobCluck10: Pump Shotgun! *shoots amogus*
Amogus Person: *shoots back* No u
Screen reads: You killed: NoobCluck10
Amogus Person: Victory is mine!
*Boom Bow kills Amogus!*
Amogus: Sh!t
Screen reads: Killed by: ProEgg70
by JayMoneySpamsL2 December 8, 2021
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