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A nickname for someone with some type of long deriative, such as Longstaff, Long, Longshaft or , longpole.

Can also been used a short term for the longneck bottle of beer you can purchase.
Female:hey wheres longy? his name suggest he has a huge cock!

Female: yeah its pre big!

Male: what a champ
by J.blogs October 13, 2010
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A longy is more commonly referred to as a longneck, which is 750.00ml of Beer, usually bought in a non descript brown paper bag. Can be drunk anywhere from a party to a BBQ to down in the slums with yo homies.
Give us 2 longy's of Carlton please champion
by The Werewolf November 24, 2004
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The short way to say long-cock. Contrary to popular belief, a long-cock is not someone with a large penis, but an "uncool" follower of protocol, or someone who never breaks the rules. In the first-person war game Arma 3, there are many examples of longies such as Ignis, Dante Fluery, and Deadpool.
Non-longy: *on cop, trying to have fun and play with his friends*
Longy: Could you please redeploy to server 2, we're trying to evenly distribute the APD force. Also, take off that pilot helmet it is not in code with proper APD regulation attire.

Non-longy: Jesus christ you are such a longy.
by Professional Quick-Peaker January 05, 2018
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A person or friend who talks about u behind ur back and spreads shit around they are longing for attention
"She is such a bitch "
"She is a longy, she is desperate for attention "
by Ahsqueen June 05, 2017
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